brio acupuncture

Open with the following precautions

1. I have placed HEPA fans in each treatment room to cleanse the air intra-treatment. These fans cleanse the air up to 4x/hour and have been proven to cleanse the air of particles the size of this Covid-19 virus.

2. Additionally, I have placed several plug-in ionizers throughout the office in the hallway, the bathrooms, the sauna room, and the waiting room.  These emit negatively charged ions into the air around them.  These negatively charged ions bond to airborne pollutants and make them heavy.  They fall to the ground and are vacuumed up.

3. In conjunction with steps one and two, I do have germicidal wipes/solution that will be used to cleanse regularly touched surfaces, door handles, light switches, chairs, and bathroom after each person.

4. I will be requiring that you each arrive with your own mask. Understanding that some people might not have their own, I have homemade cloth washable masks for purchase. Those will be $5.

5. I will also be wearing a shield.

Welcome to BRIO

A place for rebalancing and strengthening the body, mind, and soul. Brio focuses on recovery and rehabilitation of orthopedic conditions, surgeries, and injuries.

Our integrative approach to rehabilitation includes acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, kinesiotaping, personalized exercise programs, and nutrition.


Monday: 12pm – 7pm
Tuesday: 9am – 2pm
Wednesday: Closed
Thursday: 11am – 7pm
Friday: 7am – 12pm


980 Forest Ave, Suite 204
Portland, ME 04103